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18th August 2017

Can't believe it's been so long since there were any updates here, but I am STILL working on the songs for the new CD, but Kickin' Up Dust has been taking up a lot of my spare time :)

2nd May 2015

Just modded my compressor with a Monte Allums pedal mod - definitely worth checking the mods out on his site, there's something for everyone!

23rd April 2015

Well, it seems like not much is happening here, but I am still working on the songs for the new CD, just taking longer than expected! I've also been getting out with a new covers band for fun and you can find us here

24th Aug 2014

More news! I've just finished recording an interview with Thomas Janak at Wild Time Radio talking about 'Call of the Wild'. It should be online tomorrow here

19th Aug 2014

So, it's been a long time without any updates! The CD is still in progress and songs are still being recorded - there's enough raw material now, it just needs to be turned into songs :)

6th Feb 2014

Here's another new song from the CD I'm (still!) working on, not the latest and not a final mix/master, but something to fill in the gap before the CD's finished :) Moroccan Roll

1st Jan 2014

Happy New Year everyone, here's a new song from the CD I'm (still!) working on, something to kick off the year... Are We Nearly There Yet?

2nd Nov 2013

New pictures added to the gallery from an outdoor gig earlier this year!

2nd June 2013

It's been a long time since the last update. I've been gigging with the covers band, and have just rearranged everything in the studio and am working on the next song for the new CD - more to come soon :)

1st January 2013

Happy New Year everybody!

6th November 2012

Four songs finished for the CD and another 4 ideas started - I can see the finish line in the distance :)

29th September 2012

Rearranged gig at the Dolphin last night - another great night!

18th August 2012

Dolphin gig last night cancelled due to change of landlord - hopefully we'll rearrange, but in the meantime back to the recording...

29th July 2012

Great gig at Wickhamstock last night with the covers band - next gig on 17th August back at the Dolphin...

12th July 2012

Back to the important stuff, and another song finished for the new CD - started on the next song already...

1st July 2012

First live gig for a while last night - so good to get out again :)

25th May 2012

First gigs booked for the covers band, the dates are here

6th May 2012

The covers band, 'Rockin' a Hard Place' now has a website - you can find it here. This is a fun part-time project while I work on the new CD :)

3rd May 2012

New video for 'Cattitude' finished and uploaded last night starring all our cats - hopefully something to make you smile :) It's on the videos page here and on YouTube here

29th April 2012

3 tracks finished for the new CD, another 4 ideas underway - demos of the first tracks will be posted soon.

21st February 2012

Just finished re-organising the studio and started more work on the new CD...

1st January 2012

Happy New Year everybody!!

24th December 2011

It's Christmas again already. I didn't get as far as I'd hope this year with the new CD, but have plenty of ideas, so with a bit of luck I'll get it finished next year :) Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody!!

24th September 2011

Been a while since the last update, but a lot of time has been spent getting the right lineup for the band and putting a set together. Still working on the follow up to the 'Out Of The Ashes' CD and will be putting out the first songs soon.

16th May 2011

Things have been a little quiet here as I've spent the last few weeks getting a band together with some great musicians. It's just a covers band but it's going to be fun and we'll be out gigging as soon as we can!

19th March 2011 - UPDATE

The music/store page is working now! It looks like the only bit not working is the Call Of The Wild download link, but don't let that stop you buying the download to donate to some very worthy causes! If you don't get an email with a link to download the song please send me a message through the Contact page...

Thanks again for your patience :)

19th March 2011

I'm moving the website to a better webhost today - everything seems to be working so far except the music/store page needs a little more work! Please check back soon if you want to buy any CDs or downloads or get in touch through the Contact page...

Thank You for your patience :)

6th February 2011

R.I.P. Gary Moore who died in the early hours of this morning - a huge influence for me and a guitar legend.

8th January 2011

'Out Of The Ashes' CD received another very positive review - this one in national UK rock magazine Powerplay, issue 127 - you can read the review on the publicity page here...

1st January 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR and thanks to everyone for all your support in 2010 - here's to an even better 2011!!

25th December 2010


17th November 2010

Recording has started for the new CD - 2 tracks completed so far...

22nd September 2010

'Out Of The Ashes' received this five star review from Scott Ward at the Sea of Tranquility progressive rock website - Thank you Scott for your comments and for understanding my music!

14th August 2010

I have another new video but this has a cause behind it. We have a online petition running to help protect the dolphins in the Moray Firth, which are at risk from the government's decision to allow seismic testing in their protected area. Please sign the petition here (You can do it anonymously), where there is more information about the government proposals. This isn't a political thing, it's about protecting our rare wildlife! I also have a video at YouTube here which is footage we took from the shore when we were there - Thank You!

12th July 2010

I have a new video on the site for 'Final Sunset', the closing song on my 'Out Of The Ashes' CD - you can find it on the videos page here or on YouTube here

30th April 2010

'The Last Pharaoh' didn't win this week, but thank you to everyone who voted and for helping get the song as far as we did!

23rd April 2010

Thanks to everyone who voted for me on 96.3 Rock Radio last week.... I WON!!! This week I'm up against another band and need your vote again :) The link to the voting page is at the bottom of this page - please go and vote for me if you have a minute to spare.

If you want to hear the whole song click on the player below, or it's on my MySpace page here Thanks again :)

16th April 2010

'The Last Pharaoh' will be featured on 96.3 Rock Radio tonight in a head to head battle of bands - please vote for me here.... Thank you!!

15th March 2010

Sorry the site has been off-line for the last 3 days... there was a problem with my webhost, but I'm looking to move to a more reliable one as soon as I can!

13th March 2010

'Out Of The Ashes' has been added to the 'A' playlist on EKR Radio - thanks to everyone there for playing it :)

13th January 2010

Finished redesign of the Gallery page (with added photos!)

9th January 2010

'Updated the 'Publicity' page to add old press cuttings about 'Call of the Wild'

7th January 2010

'Cattitude' got some airplay on BBC Radio Suffolk

31st December 2009

Happy New Year to everybody!

25th December 2009

Happy Christmas!!

1st December 2009

Special thanks to Ann and Nigel for inviting me onto their drivetime show on Radio Felixstowe today (107.5FM and - it was a lot of fun!!

7th October 2009

CD available now available here!! The new 11 track CD 'Out Of The Ashes' is available on the website here. It is available in both CD and download formats as well as individual song downloads. The physical CD is available with free worldwide postage for a limited time only (i.e. until I can write the code for the website!!)

31st August 2009

CD available online!! The new CD 'Out Of The Ashes' is available online here at CD Baby. It will soon be available here as well, in both CD and download formats (as well as individual song downloads)

20th July 2009

THE CD IS COMPLETE!! Mixing, mastering and all artwork finished. I've set a release date of 10th August 2009 and the CD or downloads will be available through this website and other online outlets. 30 second clips of all the songs in full download quality can be heard on the 'MUSIC' page here

9th July 2009

Mixing of the CD is finished. The mastering is in the final phase and should be finished by the weekend

28th April 2009

Apologies to anyone who noticed the website was down for a while today - it was due to problems with the domain registrar, but it's OK now! On the positive side, I remixed and mastered the CD again over the weekend and although it's not finished yet, it's definitely closer....

8th February 2009

Preliminary mix of all the songs for the CD has been completed

25th December 2008


17th October 2008

Making a few small changes to the website....

September 2008

Re-recording of drums on all songs completed for my new CD, which will hopefully be finished soon. All recording is finished and mixing and mastering has begun...

2nd August 2008

New song 'Always' uploaded to Soundclick here. I wrote this song for my wife Brenda, who is my soulmate and my inspiration.

10th June 2008

The recording of the BBC Radio interview with Paul and Brenda is finally on the website and can be heard here!.

10th June 2008

The 'Call of the Wild' video is now on this site on the video page.

3rd June 2008

After 3 months hard work the video for 'Call of the Wild' is finished and is here on YouTube.

3rd April 2008

Work started on a video for 'Call of the Wild' to promote the song, and awareness of the causes it supports.

28th March 2008

Another article in Haverhill Weekly News about 'Call of the Wild' and the shops that are supporting us by selling it.

21st March 2008

Haverhill Echo article to advertise shops selling 'Call of the Wild'.

16th March 2008

More great support and airplay from Nigel Lungley on Felixstowe Radio - thanks again Nigel :)

9th March 2008

Nigel Lungley played 'Call of the Wild' on Felixstowe Radio (and gave it a great introduction - thank you Nigel!!)

5th March 2008

'Call of the Wild' was played on BBC Radio Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and Northants. Paul and Brenda were also interviewed by presenter Sue Marchant.

1st March 2008

Paul and wife Brenda (who has been the driving force behind promoting 'Call of the Wild') will appear on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire on Wednesday 5th March to promote the song and the causes it is helping.

28th February 2008

MySpace page set up here to promote 'Call of the Wild'.

19th February 2008

Local businesses hear the Call of the Wild. Printwise have offered to print the CD covers, Pure Energy Multimedia are printing the CDs for us and STP have donated 1000 CDs. Thank you to everyone involved!!

15th February 2008

Article in local newspaper the Weekly News about 'Call of the Wild'.

7th February 2008

Article in local newspaper the Haverhill Echo about my new song with the fantastic vocalist Dave Millard. All profits from the song will go to wildlife charities.

10th January 2008

UPDATE - Things have been quiet over the Christmas holidays but new songs are on the way. Two new collabs are nearing completion and work has started on a new song.

4th November 2007

'My Shameless Insanity' reached #2 in the guitar rock charts on Soundclick, #12 overall (out of more than 147,000)

26th October 2007

'My Shameless Insanity' - a symphonic rock epic, completed and released on Soundclick. This is a collaboration with two incredibly talented guys - Jay Loeper, who wrote and recorded the backing and Art Bailey, who is responsible for the choirs and orchestration