Ibanez Jem

This is used for all recordings. It's a standard 777DY with PAF Pro pickups and Floyd Rose trem.

Charvel Custom Fusion

I've owned this guitar since around 1990 and have used it for every gig since. I will be making some changes to it shortly....

Jackson Pro

More or less identical to the Charvel and used as a spare at gigs.

Yamaha APX4 Acoustic

A steel strung electro-acoustic, used on 'The Last Pharaoh'.

Framus 12-string

1967 Framus Texan 12-string guitar, used in the second part of 'Always'.

Steinberger bass

Headless bass, but unfortunately not the model with the graphite neck...

Line 6 Flextone II and Pod 2.0

I have used Marshall amps for many years (and Vox AC30 before that) but now I use Line 6 amps. Most of the recording is done with a Pod 2.0. I have just upgraded the Pod to a Pod Pro, but have yet to record with it. For gigs I use a Flextone II ministack with a Behringer FB1010 midi foot controller.


Korg Wavestation, Korg M1, Roland U20. The Korgs are both software VST keyboards and the U20 is used as a controller as well as a keyboard. All keyboards are recorded into Cubase as MIDI files so sounds can be changed later if necessary.

Akai DPS16

16-track HDD recorder used for all line recording. Midi recording (keyboards) is done on a PC with Cubase. I'm currently using drum samples and these are put together in Cubase. Everything from the DPS-16 is submixed to Cubase for final mixing with the drums. Mastering is also done on the PC using a variety of Waves plugins and Soundforge.

Various outboard bits...

...including reverb, stereo compressor, DM5 drum module a mike preamp and other bits and pieces. The main mike used is an AKG C2000 condenser mike. All monitoring is done with Tannoy Reveal nearfield monitors and Sennheisser headphones.