I'm a rock guitarist originally from the North East but now living in Suffolk, England.

I believe instrumental music is not just music without lyrics - for me, the music should paint pictures, tell stories and create emotions - it adds words without speaking. It should also do one of three things - move you, take you on a journey or tell a story.... sometimes it can do all three!

I first picked up a guitar when I was 17, but quickly made up for this late start by practising in every spare moment I had and haven't looked back since. My early influences were Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore and later Satriani and Vai, but as I am totally self taught I'd like to think I have also picked up my own individual style.

After playing in various bands around the country I decided to concentrate on my own solo music.This has resulted in my first self recorded CD 'Out Of The Ashes' - an 11 track CD completed in late 2009. I am responsible for playing all the instruments, the music and the recording, mixing and mastering - I even did the artwork!

This CD is not just about speed and technique, it's about music and melody, and more along the lines of Eric Johnson meets Dave Gilmour than the traditional Satch/Vai/Malmsteen clones.... well, there's a bit of Satch/Vai/Malmsteen-isms, but there are too many people trying to sound like someone else - I've only ever tried to be me......

.....Paul Oakley!